home alone!!

Home Alone

three more days, I’ll be going to approach a new world !listen, it’s no longer local muar!!!! I have been dreaming to leave muar since i was in lower form.Sorry,for me muar is nothing.!! The feeling is so indescribable especially having to give a second thought upon looking my preparation. Sweet and totally euphoric!!! And the sweetness is so intangible that it overflows back from my mouth...what a wonder. Hurmmm? Owh yes! I’m mentally blocked because I’m still soul searching a.k.a. experiencing a detrimental state of excessive sleeping. I think it has somehow affected my biological clock since I tend to sleep late and wake up late! It’s such an embarrassment! What a loathsome creature I am.

Sleep and sleep!it makes my mind thinks slower

Physically I’m not ready and don’t let me start grumbling over my mental and spiritual preparation. It’s such an abomination! Giving it a second thought, probably about 70 % of my peers are experiencing the same insane hiatus syndrome of laziness and extra drowsiness.

There has been too much planning, too many castles have been built up in the cloud up until one point that they have accumulated most of my thoughts daily. I’m brain-dead. Highlighting the pre-departure event, all in all, I don’t think my preparation is sufficient.
 i want it so much!u gonna be mine..hehe
 sony ericson experia X10

Somehow, when I was caught in deep slumber...oppsss deep thoughts, my mind will be found missing and drifting into a deep blue ocean, thinking what would happen to me the next six years? Will I be the same person? Or will I transform into a complete stranger – the ideal Muslim and a good doctor these I’ve been dreaming and highly hoping all this while? DR.AMIR!hehe.Time to think because the clock is ticking. I’m turning into a hermit again. This time, it's a bald nun... =P

Drooling =Q____. Pardon me. The smell of my mum’s cooking always causes my stomach to growl (this post was supposed to be published yesterday’s evening. Everything went crazy, madness to be prĂ©cised when my limited bandwidth finally reached its limit. This resulted in the delay of such important post, am I right. Well, just give a nod and I’ll shut up). Don’t laugh I dare you; if you’re in my shoes (give me the secret code. Guess my shoes size), you’ll definitely end up like me, considering only one month going before the big day. 

Continue --- =_=” (scribbling, scribbling) ahhh where was I?

Let’s try to strengthen my muscle and become more maskuline..hehe
but first thing first,i need to gain some weight...seriously!or else
my body will not become as what i want
i just need to gain some weight first!

How fast the time is marching and my three months holiday almost reaching its pinnacle. Time is tide and it’s still moving. And I’m still wasting my time pondering and day-dreaming. Yipess!!! Owh well, spm is always be the most important day in my calendar  this year(because I want to apply another scholarship to study abroad! 10 A+ pliss,huhu). Sigh.

Am I ready? Are you?

 I think 85 % of the bag will be occupied by my "almost" T-shirt...

This lifetime journey is not only about gallivanting with my loved ones. This lifetime journey is not only about doing things that I can’t do when my family is around (surely I would like to do something). This lifetime journey is not an opportunity to put aside my modesty and indulge in my obsession. “Then what? Why should I even give a damn if I can’t do what I want to do? Why should I even bother to read this rubbish? Religious cult moron!”. I'm not fooling anyone. Let's be rational, shall we?

Visiting high school muar...it have changed a lots
especially the building of school !Going there with my friend
aramy,meeting with former teacher..remind me when i was
student there.I am proud to be a ex- high school muar student!^^

Let’s turn over a new leaf and start anew with a more proper life. LET'S Start  AFRESH!
The Islamic way. After all, Islam is the way of life. Noted! Let’s just give it a try. Who knows it’ll be much fun and it’s exactly what you’ve been seeking your whole entire life? You have nothing to lose. In fact, there’s no string attached. Suddenly,i remember about this recent.
movie of the cinema...no string attached!
Altough we are 18 ,as a muslim,we should avoid to watch this movie!
I'm not 'bajet baek' or 'bajet alim'
or whatever
i think it is better to watch another recent-alluring movie like

How to taste the sweetness of iman? Lo! It’s easier said than doing. My friends ,teachers and family can only provide me with suggestions but I need to practise what I'm preached. There are many things that I can do. Some are even as simple as calling out loud 1,2,3... But the best option is to love Allah. There’s no need to sacrifice anything. I just need to prove my devotion to Him, by submitting myself to Him. Again, how? Remember the 5 pillars of Islam and remember the 6 pillars of iman? Those are the examples of clear guidance to love Allah. I’ll win a lot if I invest in this scheme. Tell you what. The greatest give of life is mahabatullah (love to Allah). The truest divine love. You’ll soon see how the love towards Allah is the ultimate and totally different from the love towards mere humans. Let’s develop our love towards Allah =)).NO CINTA MONYET PLISS

hangout with my friend ,Afiq Rosalan yesterday
in mahkota parade!I was defeated by him in bowling there.
it's so shameful!

I hope i can get many new-real friend there.
I’m brain-drained again...

Pardon me if I'm lacken or slacken or this post appears sickening.